One short story

I was born with Spina Bifida.
It’s Latin term for split spine.
I had two surgical operations till I was 2 years old.
It was no good. Predictions were terrifying. They told to my parents, that i will live just for a few days, than weeks and finally that i will die before my fifth birtday.
They also told them not to expect much from me.
That I will be mentally challenged.
That I wouldn’t be able to take care of myself.
With almost first gasp of air I was sentenced to death.
There was no chance for me.
When you are in my position, there is a big chance that your life will end cause of kidney or even heart failure.
Together with a few doctors, my parents decide to fight this battle.
I was twice in Great Britain. Doctors there couldn’t do much, but they told to my mom that I have a great will to fight for my life.
Great will in Great Britain.
It’s almost as a title of some shitty chick flick.
One man, one desire, two legs that are not working.
Black comedy.
That was the start of my journey.

P.S. I am doing this cause I a have a lot people who can’t read Serbian.
So I’ve decided to do some stories in English.
If you like this, give me some feedback and I will continue to write.
My English is not so good as it was, but I will do my best.


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