Robin Williams killed himself…. Again it shows that the ones who seem the happiest on the outside, the ones who are always there to get others out of the darkness are by default the ones who are the most fucked up. In them the darkest place never sleeps. The need to pull others into the light comes right from that place, because they themselves are in the dark. The problems start when nobody sees that problem. When that darkness is ascribed to age, a temporary phase. The dark starts eating everything faster. Like Dordje Balasevic sais:” All those masks hide pain and some of them a totally different person…” That superficial deceitful shine easily tricks a person, attracts a person. And then…. When you get to know them better, you understand that they are cynical, weird, overly emotional and suspicious towards others….. Look around you, how many people like these do you know? I’m not saying, all of them need professional help but often those people don’t have anybody with who they can share what pains them. The pressure of the surroundings on those kind of people to always smile and be strong, can be unbearable. They are drowning in their own darkness, they are drowning in the pressure of unrealistic expectations from their surroundings and ….. BAM. They are gone and surprisingly nobody understands why. The price of human superficiality is to high. Rarely anyone really tries to get to know and understand those kind of people. It’s easier to hold on to illusions, than to accept reality. Even the majority of people who dared to get close to them and get to know them, usually don’t understand them. What increases the already existing pressure. People are easily disappointed when they realise that the picture they painted of that person, not in any way resembles the real picture of that person. With that they provide another shade of darkness. The feeling of betrayal is too painful. The feeling that the way they are is not worth a dime because they can’t fulfil the expectations, their loved ones are pushing them to the breaking point. Open your eyes, before you, with your superficiality forever close theirs. It’s hard….

Prevod sa srpskog na engleski:

P.S. Hvala puno za prevod.


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